User Manual

Radar detector Settings

  • Test Mode - Switching On / Off the voice messages during the Power On Self Testing of the Radar Detector.
  • City Mode - Switching between City Mode (less sensitive) and highway mode (more sensitive).
  • Auto Mute - This option auto mutes the voice alerts after the initial loud announcment.

Radar Bands

This pane controls which Radar bands / frequencies will be detected.

Laser Detection

This is the control pane for the Laser Detection.
Despite that without the additional Laser Sensor mounted near the number plate of the car the sensitivity of RG79HT is not very good, it is highly recommended to keep Laser Detecton ON.
The built in Laser Sensor is the latest generation, and in many cases is able to detect the new police cameras with laser..

  • Switching ON / OFF Voice messages
  • Measurement System Switch
  • Switching ON / OFF of GPS detector
  • Display brightness switch

  • Volume level can be adjusted from 0 to 8
  • Alert Speed - Can be adjusted between 0 and 140 km/h (10 km/h Stepиз).Below that speed you won't get any alerts from the Radar Detector
  • Timezone - when pressed the Radar Detector gets the timezone from the Mobile device
  • Language of the Voice and Display of the Radar Detector. Currently only Enlish, Bulgarian and Turkish are awailable

Signal Sending Panel

When you are on the road and notice some threat you could use the button in the lower right to pop up the Signal Sending Panel. Almost instantly your signal is being registered in the online database where it will remain in the next few hours, and all the drivers triveling the same road will be warned.
Mobile Camera (with Police patrol)
Tripod Laser Camera
Police patrol
Road Danger
User Position Deletion
False Alert Signal
User Area Start
User Area End
Panel for icons description
The BLACK buttons send information to the server and the signals are recorded in the online database. The GREY buttons only affect the local database in the Radar Detector.

Map Icons

Mobile Camera (with Police patrol)
Tripod Laser Camera
Police Patrol
ОRoad Danger
Possible Police Trap
Speed Camera
Area Under Surveilance
The GREEN icons are objects from the online database, and normally are tempopary threats. The RED and BLUE icons are objects from the built-in database in the Radar Detector.
You could find the full description of the icons by pressing button in the Signal Sending Panel.

Warnings on the Map

In case you are approaching an object, on the screen will appear a warning box with the type of the object and the distance.
The speed limit will be visualized too, if defined in the database.

Warning box

If traveling across an area under video surveillance your average speed is also displayed below the speed limit.