Connecting RG79HT and going online in 12 steps.
Please, read and follow carefully.

Step 1

Turn on the Radar-Detector. Press and hold the button Volume(+) on your RG79HT for 3 seconds. The text "Pairing!" will appear on the LCD of your RG79HT. The Radar-Detector is now in pairing mode.
After installation start the APP and press button "Pairing".

Step 2

At this point press "Configure". The button will take you to HotSpot Configuration menu of the phone.

Step 3

In case the Wi-Fi hotspot is not yet configured, configure it now. Go back to the Application of RG79HT.

Step 4

On the "Pairing Info" dialog, you should enter the Hotspot Name, and the Password EXACTLY as they are configured in the phone settings (Portable Wi-Fi hotspot). Now press "Save"

Step 5

Now you will see a notice "RD is not connected. Please connect to the RD". Press "Confirm"

Step 6

the App will send you to the Wi-Fi settings of the phone. Search for network name RG79HT_XXXXXX (where X is a letter or digit). Connect to that network using password 11111111

Step 7

After connecting go back to the App and press "RD Connect"

Step 8

You will see a notice "Hotspots must be turned on before they can be used...". Press "Confirm". The App will send you to the Wi-Fi Hotspot menu of the phone.

Step 9

Press and hold the button Volume(+) again for 3 seconds. The text "Pairing!" will disappear. Now your RG79HT should be paired with your phone.
Activate the Wi-Fi hotspot. (you have to be sure that the configured the hotspot name and the password are EXACTLY the same as entered on the “Pairing Info” dialog)

Step 10

Wait for a while, and in case that there are no connected devices to your portable Wi-Fi hotspot go back to Step 2 and check the system settings of your phone.
Make sure that there are no additional restrictions and / or required confirmations for the Wi-Fi hotspot of your phone.

Step 11

Go back to the App. If the connection is set up properrly "RG79HT connect status" will turn green, and a new button "Login Info" will appear. Press "Login Info" and enter the serial number of the radar detector (see the bottom side of your RG79HT) and the password (provided by us).

Step 12

If all the three status indicators are green your RG79HT is online and ready.