RG79HT - the ultimate radar detector

Stealth RG79HT is designed for vehicles with normal, non IRR (Infra Red Reflective) windshields, and is a single unit incorporating radar detector and GPS module with a database. What's new in this model is the presence of a WiFi module that allows connection to a mobile phone / tablet and Internet, respectively, through a shared access point on the mobile device.

Besides the extremely high sensitivity in detecting police radars, precise GPS antenna and up-to-date database for cameras and possible traps on the road, this model becomes part of a unique early-warning network. In online mode, the radar detector, via the mobile application, connects to the dynamic database and receives information about all events in a radius of several kilometers.

In the case that someone has already passed the road having RG79HT connected online, and the radar detector has detected a police radar / laser alert, the next drivers on this route will be automatically informed of the impending danger. Also, the type of danger will be displayed on the navigational map of the application.